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Top 10 Recommendations on Screenshot Visual Optimization

Nika Grigorieva

Visual elements of a page is the face of your product. 
When landing on your application’s page in the App Store or Google Play, the user initially notices the icon and screenshots. From that moment and on, they only have a few seconds to decide on whether to download the app or not. Screenshots affect install conversion, so a manager that responds for optimization has to monitor the changes at all times and experiment with visual imagery, trying to get a better conversion.

We have gathered the top recommendation on ASO optimization for screenshots for both app stores.

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Top 7 Mistakes Made by ASO Rookies

Sergey Sharov

At ASOdesk, we believe that ASO (App Store Optimization) isn't rocket science. For us, ASO is a properly adjusted set of processes on semantic core building, its analysis, and identification of its final hypotheses for the subsequent “in action” check-up.  

This article is going to be more valuable for rookies, who just begin working with ASO – it will help them to avoid basic mistakes in the very beginning of their learning.

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