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Advanced Traffic Source Analysis within the App Store
Install conversion analysis of each individual traffic source, ASO effectiveness evaluation, organic remarketing and viral traffic effectiveness evaluation, and the influence of advertising traffic on organic traffic evaluation.
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Flexible Visualization Settings
Flexible settings of chart visualization are imperative for a beneficial analysis of various types of analytical tasks, which is much more convenient, when compared to the standard App Store Connect reports
All analytics in one tool
Convenient Filters
All the data can be grouped together in one chart and several filters can be used simultaneously. For example, you can concurrently analyze Product Page Views, App Units, and Conversion Rate according to traffic sources, devices, and countries
Temporal Cohorts
Unique settings for the analysis of similar temporal periods. For example, you can track the current growth dynamics of indicators in an incomplete month, comparing it to a similar period from the previous month
Data Export
Data format for export is excellent for building pivot tables in Excel and Google Sheets. In the unlikely event that our tool does not provide you with enough functions, you always have the option to export the data and build your own pivot tables
Table View
Many charts are displayed in table form with values highlighted in color to ensure suitable indicator analysis. For instance, our tool will suggest during which period your Conversion Rate has either decreased or increased by highlighting its value
Saved Filters
Save the filters you have set (countries, metrics, temporal periods, chart view, etc.) for each chart separately, to ensure an appropriate analysis of important metrics
ASO Director, Gambino Slots

The Asodesk tool is designed precisely for ASO tasks in the most convenient and necessary format, and allows you to analyze more than just organic traffic.
Evaluate the effectiveness of metadata changes
Find out how install conversion or app page views have changed in each separate country after metadata changes, in convenient visual reports
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Study the correlation between advertising traffic and organic traffic for a competent KPI setting for your PPC and ASO managers
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Study the influence of viral traffic on metadata
Evaluate traffic volume from campaign launches for influencers on YouTube or the Web that doesn't follow a direct link and monitor its influence on organic traffic
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Assess the influence of paid traffic on metadata
Check the quality of incentive installs by conversion to installs. Your search positions depend on the quality of incentive installs. The higher the quality of your traffic, and the higher its conversion to installs from the app page, the better your search positions will be
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Analyze tendencies
One of the unique features of this tool is the comparison of data by adjustable temporal periods. You can always compare the data from an incomplete month with a similar term from previous periods to understand tendencies, trends, and correct KPIs
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Improve install conversion rate
Analyze, by day of the week, the installation conversion rate for each traffic source: App Store Search, App Store Browse, App Referrer, Web Referrer, and Apple Search Ads (coming soon). We will show you — in a convenient format on which days there was a change in conversion rate, and compare it with benchmarks (coming soon)

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