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We offer the full set of tools for analyzing replies to reviews
Reply to reviews
Improve your app's rating by replying to client reviews
Automate work with user reviews and save your tech support team time
Track user reviews in 100 countries and receive regular feedback reports
Customer Support Manager, Tinkoff
I had doubts at first, but I see now that together with Asodesk, we are on track with the creation of an amazing tool that takes working with reviews to the next level! It is the best solution for both small apps and big fintech companies like Tinkoff!
Improve your app’s rating by responding to reviews
Universal tool to work with your users' feedback

  • Respond to user reviews in a convenient chat format.
  • Don't miss out on reviews that need your attention with the "Require Attention" filter.
  • Tag reviews.
  • Use advanced filters.
  • Use review templates for quick responses.
  • Export reviews.
  • Bulk Actions support.
  • Translation of reviews into English.

Report concerns about user reviews that don't comply with the rules and don't correspond with reality

Full support of the Report a Concern feature on App Store Connect and Google Play Console within a unified interface. File Complaints about reviews and use bulk actions to save time.

Track changes in ratings and reviews for different countries and app versions over any period

Regular monitoring of app ratings and reviews will help:

  • Detect spam attacks from competitors promptly.
  • Find issues in your app.
  • Track user reactions to updates.
  • Analyze review removal dynamics.

Save your tech support team time
Use review templates to save time responding to users
Use prewritten review templates in 10 languages.
Create your own templates and organize them into folders.

Structure your client reviews using tags

Create new tags for reviews analytics and organize tags into categories for easy use.

Automate the process of responding to user reviews

Set up automatic template submission in response to user reviews. Select the conditions for a response to be sent: review content, rating, review length, language, presence or absence of a tag.

Automate the process of tagging new reviews

Set up the rules to automatically tag reviews based on: review content, rating, review length, and language.

Start replying to your users for free
no credit card required
Monitor client reviews in 100 countries
and get regular reports
Analyze featured reviews

Analyze all your app's featured reviews in a single view in 100 countries.

Get Slack reports

You can get Daily and Weekly reports about new reviews in Slack.

Available integrations
Get all the necessary reports and respond to user reviews from app stores and other sources all in one place
Receive reports on new user reviews by email.
Get user reviews and respond to them directly in Zendesk.
Get reports on new user reviews directly in Slack.
Get user reviews and respond to them directly in Omnidesk.
Make the most of our features for easy client reviews management
Report a concern
Slack reports
Team access
Bulk actions
24/7 support
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