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We provide everything your app or game needs to get high quality downloads from search, including optimization, promotion, and consulting
We've been working in the mobile marketing and ASO industry all over the world since 2013
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Our app-growing services
Get your app to the Top of stores with our services and gain target users from search worldwide
We will set up an advertising account from scratch and manage existing campaigns keeping your KPIs at a set level
Apple Search Ads
App Store Optimization
We can carry out an ASO Audit as well as textual and visual optimization for your application
We can boost your downloads with real iPhone and iPad users using the search queries given by incentivized traffic
Incentivized Traffic
Based on the analysis of your app, our experts will compile a detailed recommendation list focused on what you should change.
App Growth Audit
Creation and optimization of the semantic core.
A/B tests of screenshots and icons.
Instructions for adding metadata.
Localization for selected countries.
Analysis of efficiency and reports of position changes.
Audit of your app and app marketing strategy.
Account setup and management.
Scaling strategy.
Setting up automation for data collection, bid optimization and other bulk actions.
Consultancy & training options.
Developing and executing a promotion strategy.
Setting up campaigns for 100 countries.
Obtaining target users from search.
Measuring changes and creating reports.
Make detailed application analysis.
Search for competitive insights.
Overview of the Keywords Ranking Distribution.
Looking through User Reviews & Ratings.
Analysis of Store Visual & Search trends.
Finding Apple Search Ads opportunities.
Giving recommendations for ASO.
We will answer all of your questions during your personal consultation, and we will also conduct an express audit of your application to reveal the necessary growth points of your app's target metrics. We are here to help your dream succeed
Why you need search traffic
of users go to the App Store to find the app they need (according to Apple)
of traffic on the App Store is search traffic (according to Apple)
of traffic on Google Play is search traffic (according to Tune)
higher retention rate of organic users after 30 days (according to Appsflyer)
How it works

Regular App Store Optimization processes help to drive downloads on each iteration

We apply the best practices from our hands-on experience in App Store Optimization. Our certified experts (ASO Managers, Designers, App Growth Managers) craft keyword optimization, visual optimization, A/B tests, as well as weekly and monthly reports. Our goal is to increase search visibility and attract the most target users from search.

We will apply best practices to get the maximum volume from your Search Ads campaigns, keeping your KPIs at a set level

While some advertisers struggle to scale their campaigns because raising bids results in unaffordable installs, others apply best practices to scale without increasing the cost per install, and even lowering it in some cases. This requires a profound and holistic strategy to get high relevance for your app, and we can help with this.

We'll help your app become #1 in the App Store and Google Play by selected keywords

We take real installs from 100 countries around the world, select the best keywords for you to promote, and make the most accurate strategy, сhoosing the required quantity and duration. With this approach, the rank of your app and its visibility will increase and you will get more downloads from search.

Get detailed recommendations on how to improve the performance of app promotion in search

We will analyze your app and competitors apps — including strategy, reviews, metadata, and search results. We will collect a semantic core in any country and offer metadata options for better indexing in search, and we'll give you detailed instructions on how to apply those options in practice. As a result, you will get a detailed list of recommendations and hypotheses that will affect visibility and install conversion rate.
All app stores
Huawei AppGallery
Google Play
App Store
Amazon Appstore
Long-term support
One-time offer
Entrust us with all the concerns about traffic from search
Let us help you one day and you will see the difference
We offer different solutions
Each business has different needs.
So we offer two forms of partnership
As your partner, we can fully take on the task of getting search traffic from scratch. Multiple iterations of ASO will be more effective and will help you get more users from other channels.
We'll help you if you want to run a one-time test campaign or get an audit and improve your team's KPI's. One iteration is also available.
What our clients say
Dimitry, Mobile Marketing Specialist
I would like to say thanks to Sergey Sharov, СЕО at ASOdesk, and his team for their ASO support. Working with them means getting professional, comprehensive support, being confident in the result, and achieving ambitious goals. All suggestions were successful. It is very important that colleagues always provide detailed recommendations promptly at any time of day. With their help, we were able to make sure that ASO became a powerful promotional tool. This choice in partner was obvious for us.
Ivan, User Acquisition
Simple App
Simple App has worked with Angle since September 2019. During this time, Angle has shown their professionalism in working with large projects. With professional service and a personal approach to your projects, I can definitely recommend the Agency — and Michael in particular — as a good partner. With Michael Shubin, Search Ads consultant, we increased our user acquisition in Apple Search Ads by 15. In Spend, we also achieved our KPI in CPA and ROAS.
Hundreds of customers are happy to share feedback, but we have an NDA
We can help you get more traffic and downloads from stores
Do you need a partner to take care of your app?
We've created the best tools for ASO & App Marketing
We use proprietary technologies
Asodesk equips your team with Full Cycle ASO, Marketing & Product Management Tools, Customer Support, Data and Insights to grow your app business on the App Store & Google Play
Users love Asodesk
If you need help
with the promotion of the application
Asodesk Academy
We want to help professionals develop in the field of ASO and App Marketing. For this, we have created many educational resources.
Everything you need to know about ASO. Learning on real cases using advanced technologies
Community on Slack is a space where ASO experts and ASO specialists share tips, notes, and life hacks
Students trained
Academies held
We share our knowledge
Our experts create materials for the topics they are most passionate about and round up the latest industry news
Iuliia Suliagina
On July 21, we hosted a roundtable discussion with experts from Ada Health, Phiture, SplitMetrics, Wolt, and Neil Patel Digital. In this article, you will find the key takeaways from the webinar and learn how to work with custom product pages and A/B testing.
Iuliia Suliagina
To make your Apple App Store and Google Play Store optimization more effective, we have compiled the top ASO hacks. Find out how you should pick more keywords for the app's semantic core, properly prepare app metadata, and improve your search ranking.
Iuliia Suliagina
In this article, we have compiled various hypotheses that can increase your app's conversion rate and number of installs, along with examples of successful case studies of Mail.ru Group, Belka Games, DevGame, and Toplyvo UA.
Gathering specialists
We want as many people as possible to learn the world of ASO and Mobile Marketing and become recognized experts. We often hold special events for the community
Gathering specialists
We want as many people as possible to learn the world of ASO and Mobile Marketing and become recognized experts. We often hold special events for the community
Let's grow your app together
Let us help you get more users from search
Interested in
Let's grow your app together
Let us help you get more users from search
Interested in
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