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12 min read
According to Apple, 65% installs of applications come from search. But your app needs to be optimized, if you want to get search traffic.
10 min read
The results of the App Store Optimization can be disappointing. To prevent this from happening, you need to understand the nuances of the niche and build realistic expectations. In this article, we will discuss which factors affect app promotion, when the result of ASO will be noticeable and what to do if expectations have not been met.
10 min read
Building a semantic core is the most important part of App Store Optimization, which the effectiveness of further promotion depends on. You need to find specific keywords that will bring you installs from the search. In this article we will explain in detail how to properly build a semantic core.
Index Research
Комплексное решение для развития мобильного бизнеса
We regularly conduct market research to identify trends and help you make the right data-driven decisions
14 min read
Good design of the app page in the App Store and Google Play increases the install conversion by 17-24%. Therefore, it is important for app publishers to test different design options and choose the most effective ones. You should pay attention to the visual optimization trends that publishers of popular applications follow.
20 min read
Thomas Petit (Independent App Growth Consultant), Peter Fodor (AppAgent), Simon Thillay (AppTweak) and others told the world what mobile marketers should prepare for in 2021. Experts predicted changes in App Store indexing, the consequences of the cancellation of IDFA, the impact of ASO on the product, and acceleration of monetization.
6 min read
Asodesk studied the volume of branded and non-branded traffic in 16 game categories for Russia, the United States, Spain, Germany, and France. This data will help you choose a category for a new game or a strategy for promoting an existing app. The study is based on Asodesk's report at the WN Conference 2021.
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Комплексное решение для развития мобильного бизнеса
This framework helps you identify the countries with the greatest potential to promote your app using organic traffic.
We'll try to predict the results of your ASO. No, we can't predict the future, but we know what factors affect apps' ASO performance.
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Комплексное решение для развития мобильного бизнеса
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    Search Ads Expert, Angle Connect
    In mobile app marketing since 2009. Used to be the Head of Mobile Marketing at ABBYY and launched over 50 apps. Working with ads in the App Store since they were introduced— for 3.5 years. Invented a framework that allows continuous optimization and scaling of advertising campaigns.
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