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Creating Asodesk
Attracting investment
Growth and development
In February 2020, Asodesk raised $1 million as an investment from Embria to develop the company. The Asodesk team continued to improve the product and create new tools for ASO, analytics, and replies to reviews.
In the same year, Sergey came up with an idea to automate the process of data collection and create a platform that would be useful for everyone who engages with app promotion. Together with his fellow student Sergey Zakharov, they created an algorithm for estimating query frequency in the App Store and Google Play. Other ASO services couldn't offer anything similar.

Asodesk was established in 2016. Its beta version was released in April; the first commercial version of the product was introduced to users in June. At the time of launch, about a thousand users were already registered in the system — from Meduza, a popular online newspaper, to Aviasales.
In 2015, Sergey Sharov opened the agency "Indiline", which manually created reports on app positions in the App Store and Google Play, created a semantic core, and gave tips on increasing user numbers.
Sergey Sharov took up ASO in 2013, back when he was in his fourth year of university while working for ABBYY. He was asked to implement ASO capabilities. At that time, the popularity of app queries was estimated through web searches while keyword tables were filled in manually.

The ASO field was still very new, but even then, thanks to ASO, the company managed to increase the sales of its paid applications. Sergey realized that ASO would help developers get more installs and revenue.
Asodesk kept developing and adding new features. In March 2021, a completely new version of Asodesk was introduced to users. The platform is now useful not only for ASO specialists, marketers, and product managers but also for support services. Asodesk now allows you to solve a range of challenges related to app promotion, and includes tools for ASO, marketing, and work with reviews.

In June 2021, Asodesk was rebranded with a new corporate identity that better reflects the core concept behind the company's work, which is mobile business development. To be continued.
Sergey Sharov, CEO of Asodesk
Asodesk is not just a set of tools, it is an ecosystem for promoting mobile businesses.

We work so that you have everything you need to overcome the service, data, support, and training challenges you may face at work. Behind all this, there is a team of passionate specialists who love what they do and are always looking for new solutions, developing together with the clients, and are always eager to help.
Our strengths
Just like any business, behind Asodesk there's a team of people. We don't just provide tools, we also solve business problems. Asodesk's priority is to help our clients achieve their app promotion goals.
We strive to develop a market for promoting mobile applications, but also to create educational courses, articles, and tutorials — such as Academy — to offer insights on ASO and mobile marketing for specialists of any background and experience.
We develop the product so that our users can solve as many business problems as possible. We strive to develop our business the same way we develop our users' businesses — so that we can work in synergy and increase organic app install numbers.
We meet challenges using a systematic approach. We don't just offer tools, but a set of capabilities for analyzing and promoting mobile applications on the market.
Data & insights to make the right decision
We analyze huge amounts of data to provide you with high-quality insights
Our team
Sergey Sharov
СЕО & co-founder
I have been in the ASO business since 2013. During my years in the industry, I have achieved many things — from launching the ASOdesk Academy, training courses, and certification & testing programs to developing the ASO & ASA Telegram channel and planning events, such as ASO Wine Time. What inspires me to keep working? Usually, it's doing sports — I love motorsport, for instance, even though I do it at an amateur level — and sailing.
Elizaveta Komarova
Head of Sales
I joined ASOdesk right after university and fell in love with the industry. In three years, I have gone from a regular manager to the head of sales. Now I am working to create that ultimate company-client synergy and believe that the main goal of ASOdesk is to ensure the growth of our clients' businesses. To make my own contribution to this objective, I study psychology — in this way, I can understand our customers' needs better. To clear my head before every new working day, I go for a run.
Ilya Bogdanov
I started my career in IT as a developer, back in 2009. Now I am in charge of all IT-related processes at ASOdesk: development, design, testing, and maintenance. In my spare time, I like challenges, too — assembling and reassembling a car's engine, for instance. I'm never alone; my cat loves sitting with me when I work — somehow, he always looks at the screen when I am busy fixing bugs.
Beata Sakharova
Head of Marketing
I have been working in IT and Digital since 2013. Previously, I did PR, event planning, and content marketing and gradually switched to marketing and management. In my work — and life, too — I value planning, clear structure, and consistency. When I have time, I love traveling, photography, and snowboarding.
Sergey Zakharov
R&D & co-founder
I have been creating something new since the early days of ASOdesk: from features and design to software architecture, databases, and backend & frontend development. I love spending time outdoors and I'm a DIY kind of guy, so I love making new things in my free time, too. For the most part, it's making new furniture for my garden and home brewing.
Konstantin Marphin
Backend developer
I have been working in IT since 2016 — and joined ASOdesk in 2018. I am behind all of our tools' backend development, as well as implementation and maintenance of integrations with the App Store and Google Play. I love movies and animals — but that's not all. When I have time, I try to do as many things as I can: snowboarding, playing music, learning English and history, etc.
Roman Zayrullin
Backend developer
Before joining ASOdesk 2 years ago, I used to do DSP — and even made softsynths and custom digital synthesizers. For a few years now, I have been looking into software support issues. If I had to mention my proudest achievements, they would have to be my course for GeekBrains and the book on legacy software, which will soon be translated into English. At the moment, I consult IT companies on problems with software support and setting tasks for programmers.
Alexander Solovyov
Backend developer
I joined the IT field back in 2014 and started my work at ASOdesk in 2020. Here, I develop new tools and do maintenance on existing ones.
Tatyana Zakernichnaya
Frontend developer
I have been doing web development since 2015 and joined ASOdesk in 2019. When I develop, time flies. I find inspiration in art, in all its forms — from literature to photography. In my spare time, I play volleyball.
Nikita Gordeyev
Frontend developer
I started my career in IT in 2014 and fell in love with this industry. In 2020, I joined ASOdesk. I really enjoy writing and optimizing front end content. When I'm off work, I play as the goalkeeper in the local ice hockey team.
Artem Klimov
I've been on the ASOdesk team since 2020. As a manual tester, my responsibility is to improve product quality. I love cars, music, and trading.
Dmitry Yershov
IT Operation Specialist
I have been in the IT industry since 2000. I know, right? It's been a while. I have worked with both software and hardware. At ASOdesk, I develop and support IT infrastructure. My areas of expertise are Docker, ELK, PostgresSQL, and more.
Vladimir Fedulkin
Lead Designer
I have been designing digital products since 2012. At ASOdesk, I basically design everything. In my work, I always try to present complex interfaces in a simple way. I love movies, good espresso, and extreme sports.
Katerina Belokhvostova
Marketing Manager
I've been working at ASOdesk since 2019. I am behind all planning for ASOdesk's webinars, ASO Academy, as well as offline events, such as ASO Wine Time, for instance. I love meeting new people and always try to learn from them. After work, I enjoy painting with acrylics. I can't walk away from homeless animals and I'm even thinking of adopting a third pet.
Julia Suliagina
Content Manager
I've been working with text since 2018. Through my articles, I try to offer insights on ASO and mobile marketing to professionals of all backgrounds. I like spending time outdoors, learning psychology, and (don't be surprised) boxing — I think it's the best way to take the edge off after a stressful day.
Ekaterina Leonenko
Sales Executive
I have been working in IT since 2016, and I've been at ASOdesk for over a year. I introduce clients to the platform and help them learn the process. In my free time, I play the piano and learn German. I love the adrenaline rush when doing sports — but I also enjoy other activities like puzzles and movies. I'm an animal lover, too.
Julia Aleynikova
Customer Success Manager
I have been working in sales since 2018. At ASOdesk, I am responsible for delivering a successful product to the client and representing their interests within the company. I love my job — and can't go a day without talking to my team and clients. I like reading and learning new things. In our team, I am an ambassador of white sneakers and jokes at serious meetings. Oh, and I can't live without music.
Alexandra Khoroshih
SDR Manager
My professional experience includes 11 years in sales and 5 years in telecommunications. I went from being a mass recruiting manager to an advisor on the product, sales, and development of managerial competencies. At the moment, I am studying psychology and NLP. I love animals and traveling. Lately, I became interested in politics, geopolitics, and architecture.
Denis Lisovsky
Sales Executive
I previously worked in logistics and customer support and switched to sales in 2019. At ASOdesk, I am responsible for attracting new clients from the US. The most important aspect of my job is client performance — as well as the performance of our team and company. I love spending my free time playing football, traveling, and eating good food.
Anastasia Zaburnenko
Technical Support Manager
I came to ASOdesk right after the university. In my work, I value a flexible, creative approach, positive thinking, and constant development. My own objective is to ensure high-quality and reliable support for our clients. In my free time, I love doing oil painting and learning Spanish and French — because one day, I hope to go on a trip around the world.
Mikhail Shubin
Search Ads Consultant
I have been in mobile app marketing since 2009. I used to be the head of the mobile marketing department at ABBYY and launched over 50 applications. I'm that person who's been working with App Store ads since their very beginning — for 3.5 years. Among my accomplishments is the invention of a framework that allows continuous optimizing and scaling of advertising campaigns.
Artem Tkachuk
ASO Expert
I started my way in the ASO industry over 3 years ago. At the moment, I am optimizing applications for Onde.app, a platform for creating branded taxi apps. They have over 200 applications in 75 countries around the world. In addition to that, I write articles and speak at the ASOdesk Academy and specialized conferences. I love spending time with my family — including our labrador. To me, the sauna is the best thing to take my mind off work and improve my health.
Olga Nenkina
Chief accountant
With my 10+ years of expertise, I still always try to learn something new and improve my skills.
Natalia Ryzhova
Sales Operations
I have been at ASOdesk since 2016. In these few years, I have worked as a sales manager, assistant manager, and account manager, after which I found my calling in working with numbers and tables. Currently, I dream of becoming a data analyst. I am studying English and investments — and in my free time, I prefer to read, travel, and watch TV series and lectures on art.
Angelina Shilkina
Assistant manager
At ASOdesk I do document management and finance. To me, there's nothing better than an intense workout after a working day. I love fine art, classical music, and theater, and I try to notice the beauty in everything — even in the smallest everyday things.
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