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ASOdesk Search Index Games Germany: Brand and Non-Brand Searches

Nika Grigorieva
Nika Grigorieva
Nika Grigorieva
Nika Grigorieva
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Published: 30.05.2019
4 min read

This article is a part of our study of popular searches in Germany. In this article, we will analyze in detail how users in the selected country are searching for games, and in which subcategories is possible to find the more search traffic.

Brands vs non-brands keywords

We have conducted a research at ASOdesk using our Keyword Explorer Tool and Competitors & Keyword Charts tools and have collected a core of popular App Store and Google Play searches in Germany. We have divided all the popular searches into two groups: brand and non-brand.

For data calculation we used Traffic Score — the indicator that defines the amount users per day by a particular search query. We made the infographic of games subcategories with the highest Traffic Score; we also identified the top 20 branded queries and the top 20 generic searches from these subcategories with the highest Traffic Score.

In this article we are going to show significant differences in queries made by users from the selected country in various subcategories of games.

Games: Brand Searches

App Store

Comparative analysis showed that when users are searching for games on the German App Store, they use less search queries regarding application requests.

  • Fortnite — 16077 Traffic Score
  • Minecraft — 8106 Traffic Score
  • Clash Royale — 8987 Traffic Score 

However, those categories that got to the top by brand searches give rather high Traffic Score indicators: Adventure – 69589, Strategy– 19974, Simulator – 18756. The following are the largest queries by brand in the game industry in terms of traffic:

Analyze applications and queries of big competitors. You can find traffic-intensive keyword phrases that you can use for your product.

Google Play

On Google Play, users mostly use brand queries for such categories, as Adventure, Card, and Simulator. Up to date, the following app names are the leaders in these categories:

  • Pokemon go — 14492 Traffic Score
  • Hearthstone — 6999 Traffic Score
  • Minecraft — 14169 Traffic Score

The most popular game names in the Adventure category queries:

Popular brands’ meta data analysis can help you select keyword searches and phrases. Also, note which applications are listed by these brands in the search listing, analyze their meta data and listing position.

Games: Generic searches

App Store

Among the generic App Store searches there are words with high traffic: match-3, puzzles, and games for brain training, trivia and casino.

  • Match-3 — 8920 Traffic Score
  • Trivia — 7368 Traffic Score
  • Casino — 5762 Traffic Score

Popular searches in the Trivia category on Google Play and the App Store in Germany:

KeywordApp StoreGoogle Play
lernspiele für kinder101279
logik spiele7390
brain training63882
brain games351056
logic games23216
brain trainer free2121
logik spiel200

For an effective game promotion on the App Store, you can use popular keywords, such as puzzle, quizduell, and poker. According to the study, they are the ones that give the highest indexes:

  • Puzzle — 1716  Traffic Score
  • Quizduell —  5246 Traffic Score
  • Poker — 2144 Traffic Score

But, remember that competition by these queries is also high, just as the amount of traffic. Experiment with long-tail and short-tail keyword combinations that include these keywords.

Google Play

The following category queries got to top on Google Play: Racing, Puzzle, and Casino. Correspondingly, the popular searches in these categories – motorrad (motorcycle in German), puzzle, and bingo – can increase organic traffic growth:

  • Motorrad — 7746 Traffic Score
  • Puzzle — 6936 Traffic Score
  • Bingo — 3285 Traffic Score

Popular searches in the Racing category on Google Play and the App Store:

KeywordApp StoreGoogle Play
motorrad spiele12852715
auto rennen364933
bike race3063336
auto rennen spiele6360
rennen spiele551092
motorrad rennen2536
bike spiele3930

Let’s Summarize

German App Store and Google Play users search for brands more frequently. Most of the traffic is concluded in brand searches in both markets.

In games, App Store users prefer brands related to such categories, as Adventure, Strategy, Simulator, whereas in general searches it’s Match-3, Trivia, and Casino. Google Play audience uses brands to search through such categories, as Adventure, Card, and Simulator, while in terms of general searches, it mostly surfs Racing, Puzzle, and Casino.


We’ve assembled a somewhat small list of recommendations for those, who is planning to release onto the German market or wants to improve the indices of an already existing product in this country’s application stores:

  1. Thoroughly study top competitors in the German market, which popular searches they use in their meta data and by which queries they take first places;
  2. When creating a semantic core, use queries both in English and German languages;
  3. To improve product’s visibility on the App Store, try launching ad campaigns in Apple Search Ads, using popular brands from your niche;
  4. Don’t ignore niches with low search queries’ amount indices;
  5. Use popular generic queries for games and applications;
  6. Include point queries in German into the semantic core;
  7. Expand the core on the App Store at the expense of additional locales. You can always check the list of countries and localizations in our table at

If you are interested in the ASO Index in other countries, send us a message and we will conduct an analysis of keyword searches in the most relevant country! 

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