How we calculate our Traffic Score?
Algorithm gets data from the search ads and unlike our competitors, it shows exact value and not some abstract (vague) scale. ASODesk data shows a number of users per day based on search requests and is not limited to the upper value.

We track more than 13 million requests each day for the precise calculation of this indicator. To calculate it we use mobile data when some of our competitors put into the mix data from the web.

Why is it important to use truthful data?

While using as truthful data as it is possible from search requests, it is only then possible to get the information needed. If information taken from the searches will be based on non-truthful data then it is possible to make a mistake and use the wrong keywords, therefore your potential customers will not use them which means daily loss of targeted users. Regularly clients come to the author of this article with "good" level of ASO, yet data that they were using did not have any correspondence to the mobile market and were based on the web. is getting its data only from the mobile market, considering in the first-place app store tips, which allows getting relevant information on the situation in mobile searches therefor allowing to make the right decisions and attract more users every day.

The most frequently asked questions:
  • How is UPD calculated? – Check article above.
  • How truth worthy is the information given? – The data is very accurate and truth worthy.
Within the constraints in terms of limiting to the number of KEYWORDS, the most important thing is to realise if the request is zero or not. If it is null then we don't work with it and it is important to see how one request is more frequent than the other.