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StoreConsole: New Tool from ASOdesk

Nika Grigorieva

We are happy to announce beta testing of new tool: StoreConsole. The tool makes updating and creating metadata for the App Store easier. We hope it will save your working time. StoreConsole keeps all versions of your app’s metadata from the very first release and saves your time on app updates.

For a long time, we wanted to solve one of the big struggle, which forces ASO experts to create huge tables with metadata log and spend an incredible amount of hours publishing a new version of the app. That’s why we created StoreConsole.

With StoreConsole you can create, update and store app’s metadata and easily publish your apps in the App Store.

You can find several tools for editing and correcting metadata in the App Store:

  • Metadata editors;
  • An overview of the localization quality of your apps;
  • Access to the history of metadata versions of your apps;
  • Preview the app page during editing;
  • Flexible distribution of roles within your team with the ability to
    customize restrictions on apps and languages;
  • Deep integration with ASO Tools from ASOdesk.

StoreConsole is a part of ASOdesk. We are creating an ecosystem of tools that covers the entire process of working with the metadata, from the creation of the semantic core and before the publication all metadata in the App Store.