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New ASOdesk tools: CVR Benchmark, App Store Daily Impressions, and Keyword Manager, Daily Keyword Stats updates

Daria Bibaeva

We are glad to present you new ASOdesk tools! CVR Benchmark analyzes the conversion rate for apps and games in 100 countries around the world across all traffic sources on the App Store. Daily Impressions is an algorithm for evaluating the popularity of search queries on the App Store. Keyword Shuffler is a free tool for collecting semantic core in Keyword Manager.

The new free CVR Benchmark tool 

The new free CVR Benchmark tool analyzes the conversion rate on the App Store separately for apps and games in 100 countries around the world. The tool shows 2 types of conversions: from Impressions to App Units and from Product Page Views to App Units separately for 4 sources: App Store Search, App Store Browse, App Referrer, Web Referrer. Compare your conversion rate with the average conversion rate in the market.

The new Daily Impressions tool on the App Store

We have completely updated the algorithm for assessing the popularity of search queries on the App Store for 100 countries of the world. The algorithm is called Daily Impressions. The past name is Traffic Score.

The algorithm has become more accurate, now it takes more data for the forecast, such as Impressions and App Units of apps on the App Store. The new tool will make your ASO more efficient.

Estimated Installs forecasts for search queries have also been updated. It has become more accurate.

You can check any app in 100 countries in the Organic Report.

Keyword Manager update

At your request, we made Keyword Shuffler inside Keyword Manager. Keyword Shuffler is perfect at the stage of collecting the semantic core, so as not to sort out the keywords by hand. Now generating ideas for the semantic core will be easier and faster.

Daily Keyword Stats

We have expanded the limits on the number of requests that can be added per day on all tariff plans.

Previously, we had a limit of 1000 requests per day, threatened with a ban for violation. We studied the use of tariff plans and introduced a new metric — Daily Keyword Stats.

For example, on Startup XL, you can add 4500 search queries per day, on Business M — 7500, and on Business XL — 70 000. No one else will run into restrictions.

If you want to agree on individual conditions for using ASOdesk, fill out the Custom plan form.

Try ASOdesk for free

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