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Brand new ASOdesk now available for all users

Sergey Sharov
Sergey Sharov
Sergey Sharov
Sergey Sharov
Co-founder of ASOdesk and Angle Connect Agency. In ASO since 2013. Creator of the ASOdesk Academy, author of courses, Knowledge Base, certification and testing programs, organizer of ASO Wine Time, and ASO Fuckups events.
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Published: 03.03.2021
6 min read

We spent the whole of last fall restructuring the platform to bring you a completely new ASOdesk with improved navigation, increased speed, more convenient Optimizer, and unlimited tools for working with reviews in beta.

More than 40,000 users trust ASOdesk with the optimization of their applications. Among those users, there are not only ASO specialists, but also product managers, marketers, and support specialists. To solve the problems of all user types, we have been working on improving our product throughout last fall. We have expanded the capabilities of ASOdesk, added new functions, and changed the interface. 

On December 10, we announced the beta version of the global update. Now we are ready to present the new ASOdesk to all users. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of the new version.

Old interface
New interface

You can revert to the old version at any time by clicking the “Back to Old Version” button in the top-left corner of the screen. 

Improved navigation

With upgraded navigation, the system is easy to use for everyone: ASO specialists, marketers, support specialists, and product managers. You can customize the ASOdesk menu and move the sections that you plan to use most often to the top. 

Menu editing

Thanks to this transition to the latest technology, the ASOdesk system works even faster. 

To make it easier for you to find the right tool, we have divided them into the following groups: App Store Optimization (ASO), App Monitoring, Reviews & Ratings, Store Analytics, and Store Console.

Please note that the App Store Optimization, App Monitoring, and Reviews & Ratings sections will be available only after you select an application or add it to the system. 

ASOdesk sections

Now it will be easy to switch between applications without exiting the tool. You no longer need to go to the start page; just click on the menu and select the application or country you need. 

Select the application or country

App Store Optimization

All basic and professional tools of the system are divided into four sections.

Research & Monitor. These tools help you search for the necessary queries, analyze competitors, monitor auto-suggestions and collect a semantic core. 

Research & Monitor tools

In the latest update, all queries will be stored on one page in Keyword Analytics. No more switching between pages is needed, making keyword analysis easier. 

Keyword Analytics update

Optimize. The Optimizer tool is designed to create metadata.

Boost. The Keyword Boost tool helps you get your app to the top for the necessary queries. 

Analyze. The ASO Comparative Report tool analyzes the ranking and position of an app by keyword, while the ASO Dashboard tool analyzes install sources, views, and conversion rate (CVR). 

Analyze tools

Free tools. Free basic ASO tools are Keyword Shuffler, Keyword Density Counter, and App Store Localizations.

Free tools

Reviews & Ratings

Professional analytics and feedback tools save time and simplify your support team’s work. We are constantly improving Reviews & Ratings and adding new features. 

Replies & Reviews Board. The table shows reviews of all your apps from the App Store and Google Play in 100 countries in one interface. You can reply to reviews manually through the ASOdesk platform using templates in 10 languages. With the Report a Concern function, complaints can be submitted via the ASOdesk interface. Use the Require Attention filter to find the most pressing reviews.

Templates. Edit standard templates in 10 languages or create your own customized template.

Tags. Organize your reviews with the help of tags. 

Featured Reviews. Explore all featured reviews in 100 countries on one page. Previously, this feature was only available for applications in the App Store; now they are available for Google Play too.

Reviews Analytics. Analyze the statistics of positive and negative reviews for any period by country (for App Store apps) and languages (for Google Play apps). 

The tools also allow you to receive reports about new reviews in Slack and Email. 

Start unlimited beta testing of tools for free

Reviews & Ratings are currently unlimited and available for all users in beta. You can work with an unlimited number of applications for free. After the beta testing expires, we will provide all participants with affordable rates. Read how to integrate tools with the Google Play Console and App Store Connect. 

App Monitoring 

This section allows you to analyze app profiles in the App Store and Google Play (App Profile), as well as app position dynamics in the top charts of a selected country (Category Ranking).

App Monitoring tools

Store Analytics

This section shows the analytics of app stores: 

  1. Top Charts. Tops of free and paid apps in 100 countries.
  2. App Store Trending Searches. A report on the most popular queries in the App Store over the last few hours.
  3. Top Keywords. The most frequent queries for a specific date. 
  4. CVR Benchmark. The average conversion rate for the App Store and Google Play in a country across all app categories.
Store Analytics tools

Store Console

Store Console makes it easy to update metadata and saves you time when publishing apps to the App Store. The Store Console used to be a separate platform. This tool is now available to all users in the ASOdesk interface. 

Old Store Console
New Store Console

Store Console allows you to:

  • Create application pages using Editor. 
  • Change all textual metadata on one page.
  • Check statistics on search positions, the number of applications by keyword, and app keyword indexing using Daily Impressions. 
  • Work with application localization: add and remove languages, check languages with metadata problems, and change metadata for all languages on one page.
  • View your metadata history and easily revert to previous versions. The Store Console saves all versions of metadata starting from the first release. 
  • Check how the application page will look before publishing. 
  • Create metadata templates for easy upload to new versions. 

Previously, Store Console could only be connected through the ASOdesk manager. The tool is now available in beta for all registered users. To use this tool, you need to integrate it with App Store Connect. Read the instructions on how to do this.

Updated Optimizer

The Optimizer tool saves you time when creating metadata and collects metadata based on the semantic core. Optimizer will point out errors while creating metadata and compare the current metadata set with your semantic core.

Optimizer has become even more convenient after the latest update:

1. There is now more emphasis on the UnUsed Report. This report only shows keywords that you have not added to the metadata from the semantic core. 

2. Used Report no longer analyzes the matching of all words, but compares data from a specific table with queries. Used shows the queries from the semantic core that you applied in the metadata. Stop-word Manager in the metadata table indicates which queries do not need to be considered. 

3. The tool now opens by default with the All table (all keywords). You can also select any table from your semantic core. 

4. Now there are buttons for adding queries to any of the metadata fields. You no longer need to move a keyword to the required field; you can add it from the table. 

Leave a request for a free product tour. Our manager will set up the integration with App Store Connect and Google Play Console and teach you how to use ASOdesk tools. Free access to all professional tools for 14 days will become available immediately after the tour.

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Vladimir Fedulkin
Vladimir Fedulkin
Vladimir Fedulkin
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Vladimir Fedulkin
Vladimir Fedulkin
Vladimir Fedulkin
Vladimir Fedulkin
I have been designing digital products since 2012. At Asodesk, I basically design everything. In my work, I always try to present complex interfaces in a simple way.
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