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New Free Tool Top Keywords

Nika Grigorieva

We are introducing the new free tool, Top Keywords, which you can use to research top queries in any country represented in ASOdesk.

Top Keywords tool shows the most popular keywords in the selected country. Unlike Trending Searches on the App Store, it shows not the most trending keywords, but the most popular search words or phrases in a selected country, based on the Traffic Score.

  • The list of keywords will be updated once a week
  • Top 200 keywords per country
  • Available for all registered users of ASOdesk
  • In the list of top keywords for each query, its Traffic Score is displayed, you can see the Total Apps for keyword and its Search Ads Popularity in those countries where Apple Search Ads is available
  • Top keywords are available for the App Store and Google Play
Top Keywords US App Store

Top Keywords Germany App Store

Top Keywords Spain Google Play
Top Keywords France App Store

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