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Sergey, СЕО Asodesk
The 11th Asodesk Academy was held in April 2020. During one week students mastered all the intricacies of App Store Optimization.

In order to help more people become ASO specialists, we decided to share the recordings of lectures.

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Course outline
ASO must have or not: introductory lesson
    Learn what tasks ASO involves, important skills ASO specialists should have, and which apps need App Store Optimization
    How to do ASO on Google Play: basic principles and rules
    Learn the basic principles and features of promoting apps on Google Play
    Building the semantic core + Special aspects of Asian languages
    Learn about text optimization, differences between the App Store and Google Play search algorithms, as well as keyword research and metadata compilation in Arabic, Japanese, and Thai
    The Tears of ASO
    Learn about common problems that every ASO specialist regularly encounters
    ASO Performance Measurement
    Learn what text optimization includes, types of metrics, and typical mistakes in measuring text ASO performance
    Working with iterations and keywords in ASO
    Learn about iterations of textual optimization: goals of iterations, outreach iterations, relevance iterations, install rate improvement iterations, as well as how to work with keywords in ASO
    Growth hypotheses of the mobile application through an express audit
    Learn about modeling for increased conversions and installs, growth models, and sample express audits
    Competitor Analysis
    Learn why an ASO specialist needs to study competitors, what types of competitors exist, and what information can be analyzed
    Make the full description of the Android app understandable for human Google
    Learn about preparing descriptions. Also, find out what Google NL is, categories of Google NL, and how to influence the results of Google NL
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