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“ASO for Entry Level” Free E-mail Training Course

Sergey Sharov
Free ASO e-mail cource

“ASO for Entry Level” training course is the best way to improve your professional skills in the area of App Store optimization and mobile marketing!

10 Lessons

All information about mobile optimization that we have accumulated throughout these years: from the basic notions of “What is ASO?” to peculiarities of “How to enhance conversion?”. In the practical part we are going to focus on our system: how to work with it, how to optimize working time for semantics collection; we are going to take a close look at other subtleties of the system, too.

10 Days

The course is going to take only 10 days (a lesson a day). Thus, you are going to have time to plunge into ASO studies and even try using the acquired knowledge within our system with a 10-day trial period.


At the end of each lesson, you’re going to take a small test to check how well you understood the information provided in the lesson. And this is not all: at the end of the course, you are going to take the final test on knowledge of all the material provided throughout it. Don’t worry, we are always ready to help you and answer any of your questions.


Great news for those, who complete the entire course. If you go to the end, you are going to receive a corporate certificate. Besides, you will also get a small gift – a 50% discount on your first subscription to the ASOdesk system!