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Tatyana Panyusheva
This is a great tool for all those who seek to increase the visibility of their apps on the App Store and Google Play. This service is fast, easy to use and provides stats for every keyword. You can easily check how many users your app gets from every keyword, and how app's positions change from version to version.
Nikolai Peremyshlev
I had doubts at first, but I see now that together with Asodesk, we are on track with the creation of an amazing tool that takes working with reviews to the next level! It is the best solution for both small apps and big fintech companies like Tinkoff!
Egor Kirsanov
A platform that helps applications grow. Suitable for businesses of all sizes. Great teams should have great tools!
Artem Gvozdev
We've tried about five different ASO services and chose Asodesk because it's the only platform that meets all of our needs. And they have great ASO courses, too!
Максим Храмов
We have been working with Asodesk since the platform was created. It was one of the first services on the market, and the idea was later copied by other businesses. With the help of Asodesk, we seamlessly manage all sorts of work challenges — from monitoring statistics and reviews to forecasting traffic, all for dozens of apps all around the world. We like this platform because, unlike other services, it allows us to adjust the product according to our needs.
Anna Artamonova
We are using the platform Asodesk to track our app in the search results of App Store and Google Play. The system is very good and gets all the required tasks done easily.
Andrey Moroz
Aloha Mobile, CEO
When we were selecting ASO tools, we immediately excluded those that were presenting broad data in exchange for our iTunes connect logins. Asodesk is optimal for our targets, and we have made just the right choice! We are using all the Asodesk functions available, as they provide maximum effectiveness, substantially saving us time.
Lyudmila Aleksandrova
Profi.ru, Head of Mobile Marketing
When we compared ASO services and chose something for ourselves, ASOdesk showed the most complete and truthful data on our application, and we thought that in other applications the situation should be no worse. My most favorite tool is Organic report, but not for PROFI, for other applications. You can learn a lot of useful things, peek and apply.
Ilya Kuharev
Aviasales, Head of ASO Department
Asodesk broke into the world of ASO-tools and offered the most set of functions comparing to foreign competitors, which simply left us no choice!
Oleg Yakubenkov
Product & Analytics, www.gopractice.ru
Detailed analysis of the semantic core with ASOdesk allowed to outline tree of the most prioritized queries with moderate competition and sufficient traffic for application promotion. Today, the game has almost 2 million downloads and has been getting 30 thousand new users a day in its peak performance.
Viktor Orlov
Marketing Manager, OneTwoTrip
With the help of keyword importance assessment through Organic Report we were able to compile a working semantic core for the application, which in result made it to the top by all the necessary search queries.
Дмитрий Кофман
ASO Director, Gambino Slots.
We have been working with Asodesk for more than a year. We have also tried using other services simultaneously. But our view is that Asodesk is the most convenient one, when it comes to keyword research. We are using almost all of the service's capabilities, and we have significantly increase our search queue positions in the App Store and Google Play.
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