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By assessing the importance of keywords through Organic Report, we managed to create a working semantic core for the app, thanks to which our app reached the top for all the desired search queries.

in 3 months
we reached the top for the desired queries

Marketing Manager, OneTwoTrip

November, 2018
OneTwoTrip is a travel service that allows you to buy plane, train, and bus tickets, as well as package tours, hotel bookings and excursions. The service is available in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the USA.
Industry specifics
Industry specifics include huge competition with major market players: Aviasales (air tickets and hotels), Booking.com and Airbnb (hotels, apartments). So, our main goal with ASO is to claim all the top places for the most important search queries, which we do, regularly driving our competitors out.
How we work with ASO
Key metadata is updated every time a new product is released inside the app. For example, we added the ability to arrange package tours to the app, after which we revised the keywords, description, and subtitle.

Every 1–2 quarters we conduct comprehensive global testing of visual metadata. First, we test through the Google Play Console, then, if the new hypothesis is successful, we continue the tests in specialized services for iOS.
We update key metadata every time a new product is released inside the app.
ASO result: reaching the top for the desired queries
In 3 months, by assessing the importance of keys using the Organic Report, we managed to create a working semantic core, thanks to which the app reached the top for all the desired search queries. This ultimately led to an increase in organic installs. The screenshot below shows the growth of organic installs by week.
growth of organic installs after reaching the top for keywords
  • Ivan
    Sales and Customer Success Lead, Asodesk
    Viktor, why did you choose Asodesk?
  • Viktor
    Marketing Manager, OneTwoTrip
    The user-friendly interface, the service is responsive and implements user ideas, everything you need for ASO is in one place. I use all the features available on the platform.
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