ASOdesk broke into the world of ASO-tools and offered the most set of functions comparing to foreign competitors, which simply left us no choice!

Ilya Kuharev, Aviasales, Head of ASO department
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The company more than 10 years old and mobile application will turn 6 years old in May 2018. The main projects are an application for searching Aviasales aviatickets, an analogue for the foreign Jetradar market and Hotellook hotel meta-search. The main countries for Aviasales are Russia and the CIS (Top-5 in the Travel category), for Jetradar and Hotellook it's all over the world geography, but most downloads and users are from USA, Europe and Brazil.
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ASOdesk broke into the world of ASO-tools and offered the most set of functions comparing to foreign competitors, which simply left us no choice!

Ilya Kuharev
Aviasales, Head of ASO Department
Ilya, tell us about your projects?
The main project is, of course, Aviasales, the most popular service for finding aviatickets in Russia. Aviasales operates in Russia and CIS countries, and for the rest of the world there is an application Jetradar, which receives its traffic exclusively organically, thanks to ASO. Over the past 3 years, the number of users who use the application has grown tens of times, without the cost of paid promotion and marketing.
Another one of our projects is the Hotellook application, which allows you to find the best deals on hotels around the world, getting prices for rooms from all available reservation systems.

Also, a sample application is available, any user can download from the open repository of GitHub, customize it and put it under the name of the App Store, making a profit from the sales of aviatickets and hotels.
What is the specificity of ASO in your area, for example, the seasonality of search queries, high competition, the existence of a monopoly?
In the search for aviatickets, seasonality is extremely noticeable. So, active growth begins in January and lasts until the middle of the year, then there is a small decline. In the sphere of hotel reservation, one of the famous brands is dominating, despite the fact that it does not always provide the most favorable offers.
How do you work with ASO, how often do you update applications for new meta-data, how do you track changes, how many employees do you have in the team dealing with this process?
Every release there is a small update: metadata, screenshots or individual tests. Monitoring downloads, reviews and positions does not stop ever. Daily reports help you keep track of positions and react in time to the actions of competitors, and monthly reports help to understand the trend line. There is one person in my team, but I'm actively looking for an assistant, because I do not have enough resources to keep track of all the changes.
What hypotheses were verified within ASO?
For the Jetradar and Hotellook applications, the hypothesis that if the brand is not known and popular worked well, it can be safely removed from the title and free up space for keywords. Also after the release of iOS 11, when everyone started to try the album screenshots, we prepared our version long enough, but, alas, after the release we did not notice any changes. Conversion rates remained at their levels, so we moved on to more successful screenshots in the design of 2 + 1, when the first two screenshots show the phone with the application interface, and the third one - valuable information that allows the user to make a choice in your favor.
Why ASOdesk? What are the main tools you use in your work (Organic report, ASO Comparative report, Keyword Auto-Suggestions, Keyword Analytics, Keyword Boost)?
I constantly use Suggest tools to search for new keywords and analytics in conjunction with the ASO Comparative Report to analyze the changes. ASOdesk broke into the world of ASO-tools and offered the most extensive set of functions relative to foreign competitors, which just left us no choice!
Could you share tips and tricks for improving the discoverability of app via ASO?
Do not rush and do not plan your ASO optimization in a style "it's good enough". It's better to spend more days searching for relevant keywords, rather then feel the effect from a poorly constructed strategy later.
Finally, Ilya, share the data, how much have you grown the level of organic settings in your applications?
The most successful case in ASO is the growth of downloads of the Jetradar Android application from 50 per day to several thousand exclusively due to ASO and localization. Naturally, it took quite a long time and required a huge amount of work, but to look at the schedule of downloads for the entire time now is most pleasant.
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