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We have been working with Asodesk for over three years. Sometimes we look at what other ASO services are offering. But each time we come to the conclusion that Asodesk has the best set of tools for our goals.
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May, 2021
Aloha Browser
We are conducting ASO for the Aloha mobile browser. The advantage of our product is a focus on privacy and security. The browser has a built-in free and unlimited VPN that helps bypass site blockers.
Specifics of the field: consistent traffic and government restrictions
In this case, organic traffic is the main channel for attracting new users. Due to the focus on privacy, we do not use third-party SDKs, which significantly limits our ability to purchase paid traffic.

The demand for privacy is constantly growing — especially after recent personal data breaches — and doesn't fluctuate seasonally. Therefore, our traffic is more or less consistent. There are times when app stores or national governments put a spoke in our wheel. For example, we faced sanctions for our free and unlimited VPN. Some countries, in particular, the Middle East, also have restrictions on advertising, promotion, and VPN use.
When working on ASO for a mobile browser app, you should consider possible limitations and sanctions.
How we work on ASO
Currently, three of our professionals are engaged in ASO. Sometimes we bring in native speakers to select and validate keywords.

We try to update apps every 3 weeks. Our apps are already holding fairly good positions at the top for basic queries in almost all key markets. The work is now focused on maintaining positions rather than actively promoting. Therefore, we mostly use tools related to position monitoring.
ASO helps to develop the product
When we did ASO for some specific GEOs, like Korea or Iran, we found competitors that were not available in other markets. User needs also depend heavily on the country. For example, different categories of keywords won in different countries. If we didn't optimize, we wouldn't have taken this into account.

ASO doesn't just contribute to organic growth, but also helps to develop the product and influences the development strategy. Working with ASO allowed us to take leading positions in some geolocations with serious competitors, for example, in Germany and Japan.
Only regular work with ASO will help you achieve the results you desire.
I like Asodesk for its extensive capabilities, approach to personal data, and easy position monitoring
Privacy is important to us and we choose our work partners very carefully. When choosing tools for ASO, we refused everyone who provided extended data in exchange for our logins in App Store Connect. Many platforms were significantly worse — either in functionality or in the number of available geolocations.

We felt that Asodesk suited our goals and we made the right call. We have been working with this platform for more than three years. Sometimes we look at what other ASO services are offering. But each time we come to the conclusion that Asodesk has the best set of tools for our goals.

We really like how the project is developing. We constantly get more for the same price. We use almost all of the Asodesk features. Together, they work effectively and significantly save us time.

As a manager, I especially appreciate that in Asodesk you don't need to spend time monitoring app positions. All I need to do is check our mail once a day for updates.

In almost three years of work, we only contacted Asodesk support twice, and our problems were solved within a couple of hours.
ASO result — organic traffic growth quadrupled
Organic traffic growth quadrupled
From the moment we started doing ASO systematically, organic traffic has grown by 4 times in the App Store and 2.5–3 times in Google Play.

We are now in the top 3 for keywords in all of our major markets, and the increasing interest in privacy allows us to grow with the market. Every month we get over a million new users from app stores.
  • Julia
    Content Manager, Asodesk
    What have you achieved by working with ASO?
  • Andrew
    Since working with ASO, we have changed our development strategy significantly. Now we are attracting organic traffic and developing the product to a very high standard. Asodesk helps us with this — they provide the entire set of tools necessary for our work. We currently hold the leading position among serious competitors in various geolocations.
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