App Marketing Strategy 2022:
how to promote your app this year
We will tell you how to build a development strategy in 2022 in each area of marketing
Ryan Kelley
NP Digital
Elizaveta Komarova
Kristina Nikeenko
Lorenzo Rossi
February 9, 5 pm GMT
We will talk about:
  • Mobile market statistics and trends in 2022
  • Influencer marketing strategies
  • UA strategies
  • ASO strategies
  • And other
Elizaveta Komarova, Customer Success Lead at Asodesk
Elizaveta joined ASO field right after she finished university.
After three years of working in the company, she has gone from manager to leader.

She endeavors to create maximum synergy between the client and the company.
Ryan Kelley, ASO Manager at NP Digital
Ryan Kelley is a mobile marketing generalist with extensive knowledge of ASO and Subscription Optimization.

In 2012, Ryan founded the ASO agency. He has worked for many top agencies including Gummicube, Phiture, and AppAgent.
Kristina Nikeenko, Head of Influencer Marketing at Zorka.Agency
With a background in digital marketing, Kristina is passionate about digital strategies and working with bloggers. Thanks to first-hand expertise, she is ready to provide the audience with the most useful information and fresh insights on influencer marketing.
Lorenzo Rossi, Co-founder at REPLUG GmbH
Lorenzo is a Mobile Marketing veteran. His work in leading companies such as Zalando, LOVOO, and Free2Move has allowed him to develop a unique experience in scaling mobile app marketing activities and retention strategies.
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February 9, 5 pm GMT
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