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Templates, filters, bulk actions, search by word, and other Asodesk settings helped us quarter the time it takes to process reviews. These capabilities allow you to respond quickly to reviews in urgent situations and contain any rating drops.
less time spent on work with reviews
Customer Support Manager at Mamba
Mamba is our flagship app, which we are developing with all the current trends in the global online dating industry in mind. We have flexible search, swiping, live broadcasts, "Tags", "People nearby", "Diamond" services, and much more. 1 million new users register for Mamba every month. In total, there are already 60 million people in the system and 3 million of them communicate on the app every day.

We pay special attention to safety and comfortable communication. All profiles are verified in a user-friendly way, and photos are verified with a gesture. Our user agreement also includes rules that uphold the principles of non-violent communication and respect for personal space. We are sure that everyone in this world has a second half, and Mamba is the easiest way to find your soulmate.
Work specifics
On average, we receive about 300 reviews per week. We see a spike in reviews after updates when users are unhappy with a new feature or notice bugs in the app. During this period, it is especially important to work with reviews quickly in order to correct the declining ratings.
After the updates it is especially important to work with reviews quickly.
How we work with reviews
We work with reviews on several fronts:

1. Respond to negative reviews.
With the Require Attention filter in the Review & Replies Board, we find reviews that need special attention.

If a review doesn't describe a problem, but the overall tone is negative, we try to include more keywords in the response. But they must fit into the context of the review. For example, a user complained about paid features in an app. In our response, we described which features are free using keywords.
2. Respond to featured reviews. These reviews are shown at the very top of the app page and users see them first. Therefore, it is especially important to work with featured reviews correctly and prevent negative reviews from getting there.

3. Inform users who reported bugs when a bug has been fixed. We send out template responses, where we inform users about the fixed bug and ask them to update their reviews. To find reviews on a particular bug, I use the word search on the Reviews & Replies Board.
4. We use templates to respond to positive reviews. To maintain user loyalty, it is important to respond not only to negative reviews but also to positive ones. Templates in Asodesk help me a lot with this, as it allows me to create templates for different situations. To strengthen app positions in Google Play, I added keywords to positive reviews.
5. We analyze updated reviews to understand how user opinions about the app change after our responses. We often see that users improve their ratings and correct their reviews if their issue has been resolved.
6. We do our best to solve problems promptly. The faster we help users, the more likely they are to correct their reviews and improve their ratings. For example, users complain that streams have disappeared from the app. I promptly replied that they were moved to another section, after which one of these users increased their rating.
The user increased their rating to 5 stars after the response.
What we like about Asodesk
Asodesk features such as templates, filters, bulk actions functions, and search by word have helped us reduce time spent on work with reviews. These settings help you quickly respond to reviews in urgent situations and contain rating drops.
The results of our work with reviews
Thanks to our daily work with reviews, the number of positive reviews we receive and the rating of our app is growing. On the chart, you can see how the trend is improving.
The red line indicates a rating increase
  • Julia
    Content Manager, Asodesk
    Helen, how has your work with reviews changed since you started using Asodesk?
  • Helen
    Customer Support Manager, Asodesk
    Asodesk tools have allowed us to quarter the time we spend on review management (compared to working in the Google Play Console).
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