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Asodesk is a great platform for working with reviews, as it allows us to save a significant amount of time performing routine tasks.
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Head of the Kids App Development Group, 1C
1C has an educational programs department that creates educational games for kids. At the moment, 1C has more than 20 educational apps and games in the App Store and Google Play, including: «ABC kids - Alphabet games. 1C», «Learning maths Fun kids games», and «Luntik and His Friends». One of the company's flagships is the role-playing game «Three Bogatyrs».
Industry specifics
Reviews on kid games can be written by two groups of users: kids and their parents. In our field of work, we take into account the characteristics of each of these groups. When replying to kids, we do our best to speak their language so that they understand us. For example, kids often complain that a game is paid. We explain that development is a difficult process that needs to be paid for.

Also, kids aged 8+ leave a lot of aggressive reviews. However, you can manage this well with the right approach. If we help them with our answer, their anger can be replaced with joy, and their rating can become positive.

Parents often have difficult questions regarding playing methods, technical problems, etc. We respond to these reviews using more formal language and use technical terms in them.
When working with reviews, you need to take into account the unique characteristics of child and parent psychology.
How we work with reviews
In our team, assistant game designers respond to reviews. They know the product well and constantly work with it, so they can competently respond to users. Assistants analyze common problems and suggestions and pass this information on to game designers or project managers. As a rule, we receive 20–30 App Store and Google Play reviews per project per day.

In order to maximize positive reviews and minimize negative reviews, we use different mechanics. For example, we ask users to leave reviews after a positive action in the game. When we see a negative reaction, we suggest leaving a review inside the app; if users' reaction is positive, we lead them to a page in the App Store or Google Play.

Thanks to this approach, we were able to increase the number of positive reviews for the game «Three Bogatyrs» exponentially. On the graph, the arrow indicates the date when the number of positive reviews started increasing.
Increase in the number of positive reviews
On Google Play, we also use phased updates and beta reviews. This approach helps avoid a large number of negative reviews after an update. In Google Play Help, you can learn how to implement updates only for a subset of users.
Reviews & Replies Board significantly speeds up your work
We have been working with reviews at Asodesk for about a year now. Here, reviews for all App Store and Google Play apps are on the same table, and we don't need to navigate to the app store console. Reviews & Replies Board significantly speeds up our work — one person can lead several projects while also managing other tasks.

Using Templates, we create templates for different categories of reviews in advance and save time on responses. Asodesk simplifies the process of analyzing reviews: you can sort reviews by different criteria, analyze statistics on ratings, and divide reviews into groups using tags.
Key projects are rated 4.5 stars
Over the past year, the rating of some apps has increased thanks to their improvements. In general, we try to maintain a rating of at least 4.5 everywhere. It's been working for our key projects so far. For example, we have stabilized the rating of the Three Bogatyrs app and keep it at 4.5.
  • Julia
    Content Manager, Asodesk
    Nikita, tell us what helps you keep your app rating at such a high level?
  • Nikita
    Head of the Kids App Development Group, 1C
    We achieve that mainly by analyzing complaints and suggestions from our audience and making adjustments to our product accordingly. Asodesk is a great platform for working with reviews, as it allows us to save a significant amount of time performing routine tasks.
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