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Which apps need App Store Optimization?

Find out in the Asodesk's comprehensive market research ASO Index 2022

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- Monitoring apps in the App Store and Google Play
- Estimation of the popularity of search queries
- Semantic core creation
- Measure the effectiveness of ASO
- Competitor Analytics
- Traffic Sources Analytics
- Set up Email and Slack notifications
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ASOdesk is a great tool for anyone who wants to increase the visibility of their apps on the App Store and Google Play.
Tatyana Panyusheva
ASOdesk has a representation that is as close to the truth as possible according to the popularity of keywords. This is their fundamental difference.
Victor Orlov
At ASOdesk we can to influence the product according to our ongoing needs: they promptly fulfill our various requests.
Max Khramov
ASOdesk is honed specifically for ASO tasks in the most convenient rate and necessary format and will help the manager to understand the ASO sphere better and more deeply, from the point of view of data analytics.
Dmitry Kofman
Gambino Slots
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