How to prepare for iOS 15:
roundtable discussion with the experts
We will discuss the future of A/B testing in the App Store, Custom Product Pages, Product Pages Optimization, and more.
July 21, 5 pm GMT
Ryan Kelley, NP Digital
ASO expert
Nika Grigoreva, Ada Health
Veera Ala-Kaila, Wolt
ASO expert
Lina Danilchik, SplitMetrics
ASO expert
Mateusz Wrzeszcz, Phiture
ASO expert
We will talk about:
  • Custom Product Pages (CPP)
  • Product Pages Optimization (PPO)
  • New metrics in App Store Connect Analytics
  • The future of A/B testing
Nika Grigoreva, Senior Performance Marketing manager, ASO and Search, Ada Health
Nika has more than ten years of experience in mobile marketing. She has worked with games, dating apps, and apps for kids. She has been in the ASO field since 2014.
Nika worked as a marketing manager at Asodesk. In 2020 she joined the Berlin-based company Ada Health, where she works as the ASO manager.
Ryan Kelley, ASO Manager at NP Digital
Ryan Kelley is a mobile marketing generalist with extensive knowledge of ASO and Subscription Optimization.

In 2012, Ryan founded the ASO agency. He has worked for many top agencies including Gummicube, Phiture, and AppAgent.
Lina Danilchik, Mobile Marketing & Growth manager at SplitMetrics
Lina is responsible for Mobile Marketing & Growth at SplitMetrics.

Lina has expertise in ASO, mobile A/B testing and digital marketing. She is the host of App Growth Talks, series of interviews with experts on mobile marketing and growth.
Mateusz Wrzeszcz, ASO Consultant at Phiture
ASO Consultant with a performance marketing background. Startups enthusiast, CRO geek, and would-be entrepreneur.

Working with the teams behind leading apps, in a multi award-winning mobile growth consultancy — Phiture.
Veera Ala-Kaila, Performance Marketing Lead at Wolt
Veera Ala-Kaila takes care of Paid Online strategy within selected markets as well as manages ASO processes under the performance marketing function.

Wolt is a technology company that makes it incredibly easy to get the best restaurants, grocery stores and other local shops delivered to you.
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July 21, 5 pm GMT
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