How to increase user loyalty and retention for your app
We explained how to increase user loyalty by replying to app reviews, as well as retain and maintain it when monetizing
Elizabeth Komarova
Lorenzo Rossi
Michael Stysin
We talked about:
How does communication with users affect their loyalty
How to increase user retention rate
How to monetize an app and keep a loyal audience
How to comply with app stores policies while working with loyal users
Elizabeth Komarova
Customer Success Lead at Asodesk
After three years of working in the company, Elizabeth has gone from manager to leader.
She endeavors to create maximum synergy between the client and the company.
Lorenzo Rossi
Co-founder at REPLUG GmbH
Lorenzo is a Mobile Marketing veteran. His work in leading companies such as Zalando, LOVOO, and Free2Move has allowed him to develop a unique experience in scaling mobile app marketing activities and retention strategies.
Michael Stysin
Co-Founder and CEO of Qonversion
Michael oversees the creation of churn prevention and data tools for mobile apps at Qonversion, among other things.
Michael has an extensive analytical background. Before founding Qonversion, he worked at Deloitte, and he was a CFO at the leading online travel company.

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