Gambino Slots is a slot machine app. Find out how, thanks to working with Asodesk, the company increased its number of organic installs by 1.5–2 times.
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ASO Director, Gambino Slots
May 19, 2021
Gambino Slots
Gambino Slots is an app with 777 slot machines, slots, and casinos. We are promoting it as free to play — free social casino: Gambino Slots. The game is available on five platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows, and Facebook (canvas). We have over 3 million users.
Industry specifics: it is difficult to reach the top due to stiff competition
The casino games industry is quite challenging. It is highly competitive — especially in the USA, Australia, and the UK. It is difficult to reach the top for queries, as 7–8 big players get 70% of all traffic. They have huge budgets to spend on attracting traffic, which significantly affects optimization results.
There are always many competitors in the casino niche, so it is impossible to get into the top of the App Store and Google Play without ASO.
How we work with ASO
There are two people on our team. On iOS, we are promoting for all countries. On Android, we have optimized for 39 countries.

We regularly work on ASO by analyzing competitors, conducting text and visual optimization, and trying to update metadata every 2–3 weeks before each product release. On Google Play, updates are implemented more frequently. We constantly run A/B tests on screenshots, icons, and videos to find new metadata options to increase our install conversion rate.

We try to work closely with the team that purchases traffic, as paid traffic has a strong impact on our organic growth.

One of the ways of promoting keywords to the top of Google Play is by purchasing backlinks directly to the store. We know that this is a very controversial hypothesis. Many people say that this is a waste of time and money, but this works for us, and we continue to buy links.
Asodesk tools are also a great help in this field of work
We have been working with Asodesk for over three years. At the same time, we tried other services such as Sensor Tower, Mobile Action, AppFollow, and others. In our opinion, Asodesk is the best service for keyword research.

We use almost all the features this service has to offer, except for Keyword Boost.

Thanks to Keywords Analytics, Organic Report, and ASO Comparative Report, we managed to significantly improve our search positions in the app stores.
Keyword Analytics helps in keyword analysis after the text optimization.

Keyword Auto-Suggestions allows you to find suitable keys and optimize based on them.

ASO Comparative Report helps to analyze competitors.
Asodesk support also operates at a very high level. We had a few questions that needed to be resolved promptly, and the Asodesk support team did a great job.
ASO result — organic traffic grew by 1.5–2 times
Over the past 1–2 years, our organic traffic on iOS and Android has grown 1.5–2 times. We achieved these results thanks to keyword analysis and text optimization in Asodesk.
Asodesk, Content Manager
Dmitry, how did you increase the organic traffic of the app?
Gambino Slots, ASO Director
The keyword analysis and text optimization tools were the biggest help. Asodesk has a very convenient tool for keyword research. Thanks to the Keywords Analytics, Organic Report and ASO Comparative Report tools, we were able to significantly improve our search positions in the app stores.
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