We are here to help your business grow in both the App Store and Google Play in over 100 countries around the world
We are experts in App Store Optimization, promotion to search query top, working with user reviews and Search Ads advertising.
App developers trust us
  • Viktor Orlov
    Head of Mobile, OneTwoTrip
    We are working with guys for over a year. We use ASOdesk on an individual plan. The guys are constantly in touch and regularly advise us. User-friendly format for the expansion of competencies within the team!
Why Us?
6 years of experience all over the world
For over 6 years we've been working on ASO matters, app promotion to the top, development of our own technological solutions, and consulting.
Complex approach

We offer a wide variety of complex solutions that includes optimization, promotion, staff training, audit and consultation services.
Our own technologies

It's been 4 years since we started developing our own app optimization platform – ASOdesk – that is being utilized in 100 countries around the world on both App Store and Google Play.
International focus

We focus on developing your business worldwide, as we are experienced in promoting within the EU, the USA, Canada, Latin American countries, and Russia.
  • Julia Baranova
    ASO Director, LovePlanet
    Having a reliable business partner is half the battle. For several years, we know for sure that we can always rely on ASOdesk. There are many unexpected, innovative ideas that help promote your projects around the world, excellent rates, but the main advantage is a great experienced team. The guys are literate, positive, always look at two or three steps forward.
    Forward to new successes.
What We Offer
Our expertise allows us to offer you a wide range of solutions in the area of mobile app promotion
Based on the analysis of your application and your competitors on the App Store and Google Play, we will compile a detailed recommendation list focused on what you should change on the application page and strategies for working with user reviews to increase your app's target metrics.
We will craft a semantic core in any country of the world and will offer index metadata variants, such as Title, Subtitle, Keywords on the App Store, as well as Title, Short Description, and Description on Google Play in order to maximize your application's search indexing.

We will develop and execute a promotion strategy for your application via ASO, incentive installs, paid rating and feedback, Apple Search Ads around the world on the App Store and Google Play.

We will answer all of your questions during your personal consultation and will also conduct an express audit of your application to reveal the necessary growth points of your app's target metrics. We are here to help your dream succeed.

We will develop a promotion strategy via ASO, safe promotion by search queries via incentive installs or bot-traffic, and a correct strategy for rating and feedback work around the entire world on the App Store and Google Play.
Why Do You Need the Audit and Consultation?
To get detailed recommendations for mobile app growth.
To formulate a list of growth hypotheses for further development.
To get answers to a wide range of questions from verification experts.
A clear view from the outside
Over the course of 6 years we have analyzed thousands of applications and games in various categories and countries, which allows us to give unique and innovative professional recommendations that are hard to get within a project team.
App Page Analysis
While performing the audit, we analyze all of your app's metadata:
- Icon;
- Screenshots;
- Video preview;
- Description, promo text, short description;
- Title and Subtitle.

As a result of this extensive analysis you will receive a list of detailed recommendations and hypotheses that will affect installs' Conversion Rate from the app page and search listing.
Analysis of Competitors and Market Demand
In order to provide detailed recommendations for your app's metrics improvement, it is necessary to analyze your competitors and the overall market demand.

We analyze:
- ASO-strategy of your competitors;
- How they work with feedback;
- App pages and search listing.

As a result, you will have additional materials and information for recommendations and hypotheses.
Work Strategy Analysis with User Reviews
- How do your ratings affect the Conversion Rate?
- Where should you place a Rate Us "beggar" in your application?
- How to work with negative user reviews correctly?
- How to obtain user reviews safely, in what amounts, from which sources?

We can answer all these questions in the audit.
ASO Strategy Analysis
Where does your app get its traffic from?
- Search queries;
- Category.

Where is your app downloaded from?
- Right from the search results;
- From the app page.

What should you emphasize – work with the description or screenshots?

What are the possible growth points in the search? What search queries should you focus on depending on the competition and your current app metrics?
Detailed Analysis of Your Metrics
With the help of our technologies we analyze your general metrics that affect the ASO, thus providing the most precise recommendations.

We analyze:
- Impressions;
- Product Page Views;
- Downloads;
- Conversion Rate.
Our Complex working approach allows us to be useful to your business
Many years of expertise, our own technologies, promotion possibilities, training materials, and expert community allow us to be truly useful to your business today and as you grow in the future.
We realize ASO strategies and promotion strategies
Turnkey ASO around the whole world, including the USA, the United Kingdom, Europe, Latin America, and Russia.
Guaranteed promotion to the top search queries in the USA, Europe, Latin America, and Russia.
Fine tuning and the conduction of advertising campaigns in Apple Search Ads in 59 countries around the world.
App Store Optimization
Semantic core assembling
Using ASOdesk technologies, we will assemble the most complete and comprehensive semantic core for your application.

Metadata proposal
We will provide you with recommendations for a Title, Subtitle, keywords, and app description.

Changes analysis
We will analyze changes to the main metrics and search positions after applying our techniques.
Guaranteed Promotion
What search queries should be launched at the top?

How to properly combine ASO, incentive installs, feedback purchase, and Apple Search Ads to achieve the maximum effect.

We will develop and execute a promotion strategy worldwide via incentive installs and Apple Search Ads in order to obtain target users from the search.

Guaranteed leading to the top in the USA, the United Kingdom, Russia, Europe and Latin America.

Apple Search Ads campaign tuning.
Big expert community
Over the years of hard work, we have made a lot of friends from all corners of the globe who are true experts in their niches, from gambling and dating to games. We often consult with them when working on your applications in order to get the most useful recommendations.
What you should need to know about ASO?
We regularly answer the most relevant and important questions related to the promotion of mobile applications in our blog.
This article is going to be more valuable for rookies, who just begin working with ASO – it will help them to avoid basic mistakes in the very beginning of their learning.
Most articles regarding app store optimization in the App Store and Google Play are
focused on getting an app in top by relevant keyword searches.

But is it actually so? Not quite.
Visual elements of a page is the face of your product.
We have gathered the top recommendation on ASO optimization for screenshots for both app stores.
Competition between App Store applications is immense — using standard methods of work with metadata is not enough anymore, when it comes to acquiring the necessary number of users.
High competition on the mobile app market makes developers look for more new ways of their products' promotion. We have made a list of several life hacks that will help you increase the amount of your app downloads through several simple steps.
People frequently ask us about why would anyone need iterations? Why can't you just get all of the search queries at once and optimally place them into the application meta data? We believe that there are at least 3 reasons for them.
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App developers trust us
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