App Growth Trends & Strategies 2023
Top market experts will discuss app promotion trends and tell you how to plan growth strategies in 2023 in 3 main areas: ASO, Retention, and User Acquisition.
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Alex Shan
Thomas Petit
Growth advisor for mobile apps
Ryan Kelley
Mobile growth consultant
Lorenzo Rossi
Alice Muir
At the webinar you will learn
How to create an effective ASO strategy for 2023
What the main App Marketing Trends and Insights of the year are
How to maximize app subscriptions in 2023
How to acquire more users via paid channels in 2023
How to increase user retention in 2023
Which channels are most effective and how to use them
  • Thomas Petit
    Independent growth advisor for consumer mobile apps
    App marketing content curator at @thomasbcn & Received the app growth award for "outstanding contribution to the app community". Worked with over 100 companies from pre-revenue MVP to unicorns. Specializes in full-stack digital marketing. Strategic guidance + tactical execution on acquisition, activation, and monetization.
  • Ryan Kelley
    Mobile growth consultant
    Mobile marketing generalist with extensive knowledge of App Store Optimization and Subscription Optimization. In 2012, Ryan founded the first ASO agency. He has worked for many top agencies including Gummicube, Phiture, AppAgent, and NP Digital. Currently, he is an independent mobile growth consultant specializing in App Store Optimization.
  • Alice Muir
    Senior Growth Consultant for Phiture
    Started her career by launching a women's electronic music magazine back in 2010, which was a gateway into the world of mobile marketing and digital publishing. Now works at Phiture, helping apps improve their retention and CRM strategies. Since working at Phiture, Alice has gained experience across a number of products and service verticals from health & fitness to fintech, photography, and music.
  • Lorenzo Rossi
    Co-founder at REPLUG GmbH
    Lorenzo is a Mobile Marketing «veteran». He has worked in leading companies such as Zalando, LOVOO, and Free2Move, where he gained unique experience in scaling mobile app marketing activities and retention strategies. In 2019, he launched the biggest mobile advertising portal in Italy, Mobile Marketing Italia, and at the beginning of 2020, he co-founded REPLUG - App Marketing Experts, a full-transparency consulting agency supporting mobile companies with app marketing activities.
  • Alex Shan
    Seasoned business development executive with over 8 years of experience in business development, sales, project and people management in Fortune 500 companies and IT startups. Focused on the global B2B SaaS market. Adept in new logo acquisition, especially with large enterprises from 2000 FTE.
The free webinar can help you
Understand trends of the mobile app marketing
Each expert will share their views on trends in mobile marketing in one of these areas: ASO, UA, monetization, and retention. With their insights, you can take advantage of relevant trends in your work.
Choose your growth strategy in 2023
Experts will share their experience in choosing strategies and give tips on growth in the mobile app market in 2023. Based on this information, you can build your own strategy and maximize your results.
Get advice and practical tips from top experts
Speakers from Phiture and REPLUG GmbH, as well as independent mobile app growth consultants, will share their views on mobile marketing. They have worked in multiple agencies and have a vast collective background in ASO, user acquisition, and user retention.
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to plan your growth strategies in 2023
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