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Apple Search Ads: Basic

— Optimal Account Structure
— Keyword Management Strategies
— Search Ads + ASO Synergy
— Top Tips and Hacks

November 26, 7 pm (GMT+3)
Michael Shubin
Apple Search Ads Consultant
ex-Head of Mobile Marketing at ABBYY
I've started my mobile marketing career in 2009; since that, launched 50+ apps.
I'm ex- Head of Mobile Marketing at ABBYY
Since the first day of Search Ads availability in October 2016, I run Search Ads campaigns by myself, as I could see it has great potential for iOS apps growth.
In the late 2018, I've started researching Search Ads internal logic, with running experiments, talking with the top experts and speaking at conferences/meet-ups/webinars: Target Summit Moscow, App Promotion Summit London, After Work ASO Berlin, ASO Wine Time Minsk & Sain Petersburg.
In June 2019 I've left my job at ABBYY to focus on Apple Search Ads, as I see I'm able to provide significant value here.
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