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ASO Academy
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Russian variant of course "ASO Academy"
This course will help you for 2 weeks to learn the ins and outs of search engine optimization for mobile applications. Training will be built on real projects, using advanced tools and subsequent mentoring support. Suitable for indie developers, product and marketing professionals, even with zero ASO knowledge.
About our course
It is the best way to improve your professional skills and become more valued
We will do everything possible so that you have the opportunity to engage in practical work with real projects..
Each student will get access to materials from previous Academies, where they can find detailed webinars on topics A / B testing, setting up Apple Search Ads, general application monetization and etc.
Training is conducted on the basis of the ASOdesk search engine optimization platform. We offer favorable conditions for the period of study and for further work. All participants will be given the opportunity to create an individual plan in ASOdesk on special conditions.
An online consultation will be held with each student. Also, our mentors will help you with any questions you have within one month after the training, which will allow you to increase your practical experience while working on your projects.
Training program
A small test to evaluate your experience and level of knowledge for further study.
Training week
webinars lasting 1-2 hours.
Personal consultation
A student will be held a personal online consultation for 1 hour on ASO issues for his application.
Practical tasks after each topic to better undestend the material.
Final Testing
A test of 30 questions will help assess your skills and demonstrate success to management and other well-wishers.
Further support
A student will be held a personal online consultation for 1 hour on ASO issues for his application.
Training topics
How does the search algorithm of app stores work?
Sergey Sharov, Top-10 ASO Experts, CEO at ASOdesk
How to make text search engine optimization
Sergey Sharov, Top-10 ASO Experts, CEO at ASOdesk
Analyzing competitors
Sergey Sharov, Top-10 ASO Experts, CEO at ASOdesk
Free for the "Study in group" tariff for ASOdesk users on Startup & Plus plans from 6 months and Business & Expert from 3 months, for the "Study in group + support" tariff on Business & Expert plans for 1 year..
₽ 15 000
Group training
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₽ 45 000
Group training + support
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Mikhail Shubin
Head of Mobile Marketing, ABBYY
ASOdesk team provides not only essential tools to optimize apps, but also valuable educational resources. This course is a great point to start your way to become an ASO specialist. I do recommend it for those who start their career in mobile marketing or want to optimize apps for business purposes.
Vitaly Kozlov
CEO & Founder, KB Production
Great idea ASODesk! The best opportunity to understand ASO from one of the coolest platforms. And it's free!