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Grow your app using powerful tools for Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, and ASO Performance
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Trusted by 65,000+ mobile leaders worldwide
  • Research Keywords
    and Create Metadata
    Discover the best keywords for your app and use them correctly
  • Track Competitors'
    Learn from competitors' successes and failures
  • Analyze Your
    App's Performance
    Monitor your progress in real time to make quick data-driven decisions
Use Automation to Find the Right Keywords Easily
Save time researching useless and low-scoring search queries and identify only the most relevant keywords for your app using automation. Asodesk shows the most popular keywords with the least competition and helps you create the best metadata in your niche.
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Spy On Your Competitors' Strategies and Challenge Them
Find your competitor's strong points, compare your keywords' performance and key metrics side-by-side. Keep up-to-date with the latest changes or go back in time to find the best strategy and take the lead in your market.
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Track your ASO Success to Make the Right Decisions
Analyze the real-time data on the impact of your metadata updates, monitor current search results for any keyword across all countries and stores. Estimate your app metrics, rankings and ratings, get any report you need, and monitor your progress over time.
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no credit card required
Start optimizing your app for free
Data & insights to make the right decision
We analyze vast amounts of data to provide you with high-quality insights
The most accurate data
We use a proprietary algorithm based only on mobile data to show you precise statistics on keywords and installs you can trust.
Complete set of ASO features
You'll find all the features, tools, and reports you need for an effective ASO workflow: from research and metadata development to estimating success.
Unlimited history
Go back in time to discover any data for your app or a competitor's app for any period and version you want.
Advanced reports & alerts
You can track all available metrics and changes with daily and weekly reports sent via email or Slack — and customize them for your needs.
The best customers choose Asodesk

Ryan K.
App Store Optimization Manager, Neil Patel Digital
Asodesk significantly reduces the time it takes me to build a keyword database in any language. The reporting is visually the best I have seen on the market. Asodesk has become one of the most important tools in my ASO toolbox. This is because they have features not found on any other platform or tool. I highly recommend Asodesk for advanced ASO research and metadata development.

Constantine S.
ASO Manager, G5
The best automatic ASO reports. With these reports, you can always gauge what's happening with your apps' positions, traffic, how product updates influenced these changes, and in which countries.
Nika G.
Senior Performance Marketing Manager, Ada Health
Asodesk monitors a large number of countries and offers flexible plans for developers.
Artiom G.
ASO & Release Manager,
We've tried about five different ASO services and chose Asodesk because it's the only platform that meets all of our needs. And they have great ASO courses, too!
Max K.
CEO, LovePlanet
We have been working with Asodesk since the platform was created. It was one of the first services on the market, and the idea was later copied by other businesses. With the help of Asodesk, we seamlessly manage all sorts of work challenges — from monitoring statistics and reviews to forecasting traffic, all for dozens of apps all around the world. We like this platform because, unlike other services, it allows us to adjust the product according to our needs.
Anne A.
Head of Email and Portal Business Unit,
We are using the platform Asodesk to track our app in the search results of App Store and Google Play. The system is very good and gets all the required tasks done easily.
Andrew M.
CEO, Aloha Mobile
When we were selecting ASO tools, we immediately excluded those that were presenting broad data in exchange for our iTunes connect logins. Asodesk is optimal for our targets, and we have made just the right choice! We are using all the Asodesk functions available, as they provide maximum effectiveness, substantially saving us time.
Egor K.
Marketing Manager, OneTwoTrip
A project that helps apps grow. It is suitable for both small and global business tasks. A cool tool for cool teams!
Product & Analytics
Detailed analysis of the semantic core with Asodesk allowed to outline tree of the most prioritized queries with moderate competition and sufficient traffic for application promotion. Today, the game has almost 2 million downloads and has been getting 30 thousand new users a day in its peak performance.
ASO Director, Gambino Slots
We have been working with Asodesk for more than a year. We have also tried using other services simultaneously. But our view is that Asodesk is the most convenient one, when it comes to keyword research. We are using almost all of the service's capabilities, and we have significantly increase our search queue positions in the App Store and Google Play.
Grow your organic app installs with Asodesk
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