Which apps need
App Store Optimization
In this study, we identified the most promising categories for app promotion in  the App Store Search.

Find data insights that will help you to create the best ASO strategy.
[ASO Index 2022]
To gauge the potential of ASO, it is important to consider the following data
  • The amount of search traffic and browse traffic, as well as traffic from app and web referrer.
  • The number of people who prefer to search for apps with non-branded queries.
  • The average conversion rate that other apps in the same category have.
For our ASO Index, we established which apps can easily be promoted through the App Store Search.
Find the answers to 6 essential questions with our ASO Index
How much search traffic does each app category get from the App Store?

How much non-branded traffic does each app category get from the App Store Search?

What is the average conversion to app downloads in your app category?

Which app categories have the highest potential for successful App Store Optimization?

What ASO trends do the experts expect?

How can developers attract installs from the search with ASO?
Our ASO Index is based on data from 7 countries:
Daily Impressions
Advice and insights from top experts
At Asodesk, Ada Health, REPLUG Gmbx, App Growth Summit, and more
Collaboration of 9 experts
Asodesk's developers, data analysts, 3 ASO specialists, and the Head of Content and Marketing
Shows the number of Impressions for each query per day
Artem Tkaczuk, ASO Expert at Asodesk
"Insights from our research help to understand current trends among various categories. The authors did a great job in collecting and analyzing large sums of data. Asodesk’s paper can be a source of inspiration for marketing specialists."
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