What does ASO mean for a mobile application?

App Store Search Optimization is a set of measures aimed to improve search query positions. It also involves work with the app page for its better conversion.

Why does it have to be done?

App Store Search Optimization improves visibility of an app in App Store and Google Play, that helps to increase the number of new target users and reduce commercial expenses owing to better conversion of the app page.

Why do we need ASOdesk for this?

ASOdesk allows to examine the current situation in the App Store and Google Play search, track daily updates of your own application and competitor apps, study app reviews, chart positions, receive recommendations based on relevant search queries, improve app positions quickly by means of search results boosting.

Where can I check out the number of users coming from search queries?

ASOdesk is the only system that shows the number of users, who make this or that search query. The system predicts the number of users supported by its own algorithm based on the huge amount of data, such as reviews, search query suggests, results of companies in respect to their positions in the TOP.

How can I compare my positions with those of competitors?

ASOdesk has a separate module for competitor analytics. Just click on Competitors on the page of your app and add competitor apps you are interested in. Our system can also recommend competitor apps - you may see them in App Profile.

What is App Profile for?

This module shows summaries for any app from App Store and Google Play. Such summary covers any change of meta data, chart of reviews, potential competitors, a box of search query recommendations.

How to connect application to Slack?

ASOdesk provides Slack integration for Ap Store and Google Play reviews monitoring and reporting. To use this feature:

  • Sign in to ASODesk
  • Add your application to account
  • Pass to Reviews tab
  • Click "Add To Slack" button in right sidebar
  • Select your team and channel for reports in Slack interface

If you have any other questions, you are welcome to send email to our support team: hello@asodesk.com