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About our course
It is the best way to improve your professional skills and become more valued
10 lessons
All information on mobile optimization that we had accumulated over our years. In the practical part, we will focus on our system, how to work with it, how to optimize your working time to collect semantics and other subtleties of the system.
10 days
The course will take 10 days. One lesson every each day. Thus you will have time to deeply learn ASO directions and try to use knowledge in our system with 10 days trial period.
Each lesson has a small test to verify the lessons learned. But this is not all, at the end of the course will be the final testing for knowledge of the material. Do not worry, we are always here for you and ready to help with difficulties.
Pleasant news for those who will take the course to the end. The participant will receive a corporate certificate. Plus, a small gift inside.

Learning topics

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?
Through this lesson you will be able to understand what is ASO and why you should use it in your work life.
ASO Dictionary
This lesson is dedicated to ASO key concepts and vocabulary.
ASO algorithms
Apple Store and Google Play algorithms key features.
How to start working with ASO
There are three stages of text search optimization we are to look through this lesson.
How to create a semantic core?
During this lesson you will learn how to collect a semantic core by a manual and automatic way.
In this lesson, you will find out how to increase text optimization points by cross - localizations.
Competitor review
How to monitor competitors, analyze their actions? This lesson will show you how to keep your hand on the pulse.
iOS optimization
Key points of working with the Apple Store.
Android optimization
Key points of working with the Apple Store.
How to increase conversions
Reviews and app ratings are vital to any app's optimization.
Who is this course for?
Whether you want to learn the basics of ASO or just want to brush up on certain topics - this free course is perfect for anyone. Upon course completion, you'll have a better understanding of how to do ASO. Increase the number of your app target users in App Store and Google Play!
The ASO Email Course was created by TOP-10 ASO experts from ASOdesk, an international platform for search engine optimization for mobile applications. We know that in ASO there is no magic, but
only organized processes.
Mikhail Shubin
Head of Mobile Marketing, ABBYY
ASOdesk team provides not only essential tools to optimize apps, but also valuable educational resources. This course is a great point to start your way to become an ASO specialist. I do recommend it for those who start their career in mobile marketing or want to optimize apps for business purposes.
Vitaly Kozlov
CEO & Founder, KB Production
Great idea ASODesk! The best opportunity to understand ASO from one of the coolest platforms. And it's free!
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