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“Search Ads Intensive: From Basic Notions to Advanced Techniques” Free Training Course from ASOdesk and ABBYY

Sergey Sharov

This course is going to be useful for everyone associated with advertising mobile applications, looking for target users at a reasonable price no matter if they are already working with Apple Search Ads, just getting started, or planning to start sometime in the future.

The course was created by Mikhail Shubin, mobile marketing director at ABBYY.

The course includes 6 lessons with a test at the end of each of them.


  • 1. Getting acquainted with Apple Search Ads. Match types.
  • 2. Apple Search Ads account structure. Search terms. Negative keywords.
  • 3. Downloading/uploading of large keyword phrase sets. Creative sets. Reports.
  • 4. Apple Search Ads campaign effectiveness analysis.
  • 5. Apple Search Ads campaign management strategies.
  • 6. Organic traffic cannibalization. Additional advanced techniques of Apple Search Ads.

Upon a successful course completion, you are to be provided with an electronic certificate.