[ASO Index 2022]
Which apps need App Store Optimization?

Find out in the Asodesk's comprehensive market research ASO Index 2022
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ASO Audit
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What will you get?
We will help you optimize your app and grow your business via App Store Optimization
ASO Audit for Your App
1 application in 1 country in 1 store

1. Creation and optimization of the semantic core for your app.
2. Recommendations for changing metadata
for App Store:
  • Name
  • Subtitle
  • Keywords set
  • Metadata creation for additional localizations
for Google Play:
  • Title
  • Short description
  • Description
3. Instructions of adding the metadata to the store.
4. Detailed PDF report of positions changing.
Why Do You Need the Audit?
To get detailed recommendations for mobile app growth.
To formulate a list of growth hypotheses for further development.
To get answers to a wide range of questions from verification experts.
Why Us?
We've analyzed thousands of applications and games in various categories and countries
  • 6 Years of Experience
    For over 6 years we've been working on ASO matters, app promotion to the top, development of our own technological solutions, and consulting.
  • Complex Approach
    All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences. They use their knowledge to make our clients life better.
  • Our Own Technologies
    It's been 4 years since we started developing our own app optimization platform – ASOdesk – that is being utilized in 100 countries around the world on both App Store and Google Play.
  • International Focus
    We focus on developing your business worldwide, as we are experienced in promoting within the EU, the USA, Canada, Latin American countries, and Russia.
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