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ASOdesk features
Traffic Score Feature
Store Analytics
Business Intelligence
Check your search queries in 100 countries in the App Store and Google Play through ASOdesk and see for yourself that your ASO can be improved. .

ASOdesk has its own Traffic Score algorithm that determines search query frequency.

  • No abstract indicators, such as "7.5";
  • You will always see how one query is more frequent, than another;
  • The most precise algorithm to determine "zero" search queries;
  • We use only mobile data and no web data at all.
    Try our free ASO tools and save big on your time.

    Keyword Analytics, Keyword Explorer, Keyword Charts, Competitors, Reviews, App Profile, Email & Slack Reports.
    Store Analytics: App Store Trending Searches, Top Charts, Category Rankings.

    Also, in the Basic plan you get:
    • Unlimited number of offers;
    • 10 search queries;
    • 100 countries;
    • 100 API credits a month.
        ASO requires daily monitoring and constant application development. With our ASO PRO tools you will need just 20 minutes a day for your ASO:

        Keywords Auto-Suggestions will help you expand the semantic core and find search queries you haven't even thought of.

        Organic Report will show you all the queries that correspond to your app or your competitor's app in the search listing, as well as what search queries bring new users to your application in any country.

        ASO Comparative Report will show you position changes by keyword searches and changes of all of app's meta data for your application and applications of your competitors.
        ASO tools, ASOdesk provides tools for researching the application stores.

        App Store Trending Searches – once every 3 hours we refresh the list of popular App Store search queries in 100 countries and also notify you by Email or Slack, if your application got into this list.

        Category Rankings – follow your application and applications of your competitors in categories in 100 countries from all over the world.

        Top Charts we refresh Free, Paid, and Grossing charts in 100 countries around the world several times a day.
        You need your own dashboard, customized reports or real-time notifications regarding your applications? We have developed an API for you that provides access to history data on search queries, categories, app meta data, and your competitors in 100 countries around the world. In the Basic plan, you will be provided with 100 API credits each moth for free.

        Team Integration
        You have a lot of applications in several countries? A big team of ASO specialists? Or maybe you need to provide a limited or temporary access to particular countries? In ASOdesk you can easily invite your entire team and set Admin, Manager or Read-only accesses for any applications and countries individually.

        100+ countries
        Team access
        Historical data
        Unlimited number of applications
        Monitoring Search Requests
        Semantic analysis
        Analysis of the application in the search
        Competitor Analysis
        Top Charts Rankings
        Trending Searches
        Category Rankings
        ASO PRO Tools & Features
        Email & Slack reports
        Export .xlsx
        Search Ads Popularity
        App Store Localizations Table
        More Features Coming Soon