‎33 hacks for working with reviews
Expert tips to help you improve your work with reviews in the App Store and Google Play
Learn how to boost your app's rating by sending considered replies to reviews
[PDF Guide]
We collected the best practices of working with reviews for kids, health, photography, social, and gaming apps in one guide:
Learn how not to miss any important reviews.
Learn how to properly respond to negative reviews and change users' opinions about your app.
Start responding to positive reviews to boost user loyalty.
Learn how to encourage users to leave more positive reviews.
Find out how to exponentially reduce time spent working with reviews.
Make review analysis even easier and more convenient.
You will learn how to:
Avoid missing any new reviews.

Turn negative user reviews into positive ones.

Boost user loyalty by responding to users correctly.

Reduce time spent on working with reviews without sacrificing quality.

Maximize positive reviews and minimize negative reviews.

Get negative reviews removed.
The review guide includes
practical tips for effective replies to reviews
hacks that will help increase the rating of your app
hacks for fast and efficient work with reviews
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